Gallery Opening Days and Times

Sci-Fi on Wednesday 20th 6-9pm was a blast!  Friday 22nd FINALE 6.30-10pm  Don't forget to vote!

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Book now for “Utopian Ideas in Science Fiction”, with Christopher Yorke

Wednesday 20th July, 2011

Parlour Gallery, Mapalim, 181-187 Queens Crescent, London, NW5 4DS

An evening of discussion and debate regarding Utopian ideas in Science Fiction, with added music & art.

Approximate* timetable

13:00 – Exhibition opens

18:00 – Arrivals, viewing of exhibition. Performance by Erik Rutterford

18:30 ­– H&S housekeeping notices, Introductory talk: Ian Springham giving an overview of Utopian & Dystopian visions in SF.

18:45 – Guest Speaker: Christopher Yorke, Visiting Researcher, Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University

"Hate the Player: Banks, Suits, and the Ethics of Utopian Gaming in Contemporary Sci-Fi".

Q&A session

Ways forward for Sci-Fi

Closing debate

20:15 – Guided tour of exhibition, given by Ian Springham and fellow invigilators

20:30 – Music by TYSARC

21:00 – Close


Book Now for free: Register for Utopian Arts Feat - Utopian Ideas in Science Fiction in London, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite


* E&OE
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Newsletter #1

After the Opening Night, Danielle compiled a newsletter reviewing our first event, thanking everyone for their superb help and efforts, as well as looking forward to forthcoming attractions.  The newsletter was sent out last night to our closest contacts. To get your copy, you can:

Download UAF-Newsletter-1-12-July-2011.pdf or sign up for our mailing list:


    Photos in Newsletter are copyright © and courtesy of Guido Mencari

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What does Utopia mean to me?

Update: Becky’s video “Utopia is …” has been uploaded to the Vox Pops page.

“What does Utopia mean to me?” was the initial question.  Surprisingly enough, given the centuries of searching for an idealised community or society, popping the question into Google returns just 2 results, from the University of Denver and the De La Warr Pavilion sites. From Plato’s “Republic” and Al Farabi’s “Al-Madina al-Fadila” through (Sir/St) Thomas More’s work in which he coined this good or no-place, the Renaissance and Enlightenment to Bucky Fuller, futurism and beyond, nearly two and a half thousand years of human endeavour has resulted in almost nobody asking “What does Utopia mean to me?”  At least not online.

Even searching “What does Utopia mean?” only gives a few thousand results; “What is Utopia?” over 130,000 – perhaps therein lies the rub: perhaps the difficulty lies in deciding what Utopia actually is: until that is settled upon, what hope have we of applying such notions to our dystopian lives?

Given the nature of Utopia, perhaps a more objective rather than subjective answer is required; are we aiming to return to a blissful mythic Golden Age , build a new Jerusalem, found an Anarcho-Syndicalist workers’ paradise, or even just to live without fear?

We would be fascinated by your answers, so please leave a comment below.  Some of our intrepid curators will be traipsing the streets of London over the next couple of weeks to capture and immortalise these views on film … so watch out!

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Don’t Forget To Vote!

The exhibition is up and running and the Opening Night was a success by any measure. More news on which to follow.

The exhibited works are detailed on the Voting page; please rate any or even all of them using the five star system below each image. The results will be collated and added to the ballots cast at the gallery to determine the winning artists for the prize-giving on the closing night, 22nd July 2011

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Call for Submissions of stories – Utopian Arts Fest

The Parlour Gallery would like to issue an open call for submissions of work for inclusion, exhibition or live performance of written works.

The works may be displayed at Utopian Arts Festival for the duration of the festival (10th-22nd of July). For poetry and short stories there is an opportunity to be involved with live readings to an audience as well as promotion through our website and other marketing material.

Please enter your submission/synopsis through the form below, the submissions page or via

@utopianartsfest on

Please attention all email submissions to:

The submission deadline is 10th July

Please remember to include your name, contact details, titles of submission(s) along with background information and any explanatory images.

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Countdown to Utopia

or “Utopia minus 12 – and counting …”

Less than a fortnight to go before the start of the Utopian Arts Fest in Queens Crescent, London, NW5.  There are a number of Events and Workshops lined up, ranging from a workshop for children on ‘Fairies and Superheroes in Utopia’  to a gallery talk with the artists and curators.

Selection of the nearly 300 works submitted is continuing in earnest and the artists, both successful and less so, will be informed of the Curators’ choices by the 2nd of July.

Hold off the rain-dances for next Sunday (3rd July, 2011) when we will be having a meet-up and picnic in Victoria Park to spread the word about the exhibition, as well as bunting, glitter and jollity.  Follow us on!/UtopianArtsFest

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Flash Mob Picnic Extravaganza

When? 3 July 2011 · 13:00 – 16:00

Where? Victoria Park, London, through the Gunmakers Gate, to the Right.

Why? Come one, come all!  On the eve of Utopian Arts Fest we shall be having a get-together in the Park … There will be bunting making, cake, eating, hula hooping and poi spinning, nibbles & booze!  Let’s frolic in the sun in preparation of the upcoming festival … Find the balloons in the park & find us!!

More info

Spread the word!

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Now the selection process begins …

We received nearly 300 images and videos from over 50 artists.  The process of selecting works for exhibition starts in the morning.  We will be in touch with all artists by 2nd July 2011.  Selected works and artsists will be displayed on a new page after then.

Please come back to see which entries are to be exhibited; there will be the chance to rate your favourites both online and IRL (in real life) to help decide the competition winner.

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Submissions for exhibition now closed

The Parlour Gallery would like to thank all the artists for their submissions of work for inclusion in a group exhibition, which will take place from 10 July to 22 July 2011 at Mapalim, Queen’s Crescent, NW5, as part of the Utopian Arts Fest.

NB: If you have already submitted your entry, do not worry, it will be processed.


All works submitted will be entered in to the competition, which will be judged throughout the Utopian Arts Fest by visitors to the exhibition. The winner of the public vote will be announced at the closing ceremony on Friday 22nd July 2011.


The organisers will select works according to individual merit and coherence with the theme of Utopia. In addition to being exhibited in competition, works are also offered for sale at the artist’s discretion with no commission taken by the gallery.


Please see the Events page for details of workshops and events that will be running during the exhibition.

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